Smart Devices - Common Issues

“Technology expands & devices shrink.” Distance covered by technology over last decade has seen some incredible device launches in the open market. Desktops have made way for laptops, laptops have made way for hand-held tablets and they are making way for smart phones. As each individual is unique, so is the way they “manage” technology and handle these fascinating devices. i-Pad alone has five models floating on the market

When issues emerge with these devices, we look for help. But sometimes the fixes of the issues is as simple as a restart of the device and everything is fixed.

We will try to provide with a basic “DIY” style of help below

Frozen – screen

Restart or Re-boot the device – This simple and logical step fixed the issue. Simply “Turn off and back on the power button.” Usually a long press on the Power button prompts the device to turn off. Sometime the screen may not respond, in this case you need to hold the power button and the home button together. If the device is still non-responsive, plugging the device to the computer (i-pad specific) and opening up i-tunes and pressing the restore I-pad button. Restoring the i-pad to “cloud” or the computer will ensure the data is not lost

Device not turning on

Press the home button & power button together till you see the Apple logo appear. For the new models of iPads, Quick press & release of the volume button UP and quick press & release of the volume button DOWN till the device restarts. Making sure the battery is charged is a good check. The final step can again be to connect the I-pad to I-tunes and get to the option of restore

iPad, iPhone not recognised on the iTunes

The first step is to check the battery icon on the I-pad (it should turn green once connected to I-tunes) – If “not charging” then you can presume there could be a cable issue. Ensuring the latest software update id downloaded and installed. There could also be a message saying, “TRUST THIS COMPUTER?” – In this instance, you need to unlock the device and press on “TRUST”

iPad not charging

If the I-pad doesn’t charge from the power adapter, using the same cable, try to plug the I-pad to the computer’s USB port. The battery icon should light up in green indicating the device is charging. If the battery icon doesn’t turn on green, you must try a different the USB port.

iPad not connecting to WIFI

  • A very common problem. Go to SETTINGS then WI-FI on I-pad to ensure the WI-FI is turned “on”
  • If this doesn’t help, then sliding it “ON > OFF > ON” is the next logical step
  • Another DIY is to turn the I-pad OFF then ON and re-entering the WI-FI password
  • Checking the router is not malfunctioning, a call to the ISP for help is also recommended
  • Trying to connect to a completely new network is also recommended to ensure the device is responsive to other networks

Device’s Responsiveness – (iPad running slow)

Again a very common issue. We recommend – Double tap the “HOME” button and swipe up on each application icon that you see. The you a new model of I-pad without the HOME button, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen and pause towards the middle of the screen. The icons for all the open apps will appear.

You can also hold the Power button & the Home button together for 10 seconds. Again, if you have a new model, quick press & release of the VOLUME UP button and quick press & release of the VOLUME DOWN button and finally Pressing & holding the Power button till the I-pad restarts.

Data connection dropping off

This could be a coverage issue. If your I-phone (on the same network) is working fine but the I-pad isn’t, check SETTINGS > GENERAL > CELLULAR & make sure it is “ON”

Try to restart the device Ensure the latest software is installed (SETTINGS > GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATES) Removing the SIM and placing it back again Reset the Network settings (SETTINGS > GENERAL > RESET > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS)

Device crashing

Again, a very common occurrence. A lot of complaints have been witnessed where the I-pad randomly closes and re-starts on its own. We recommend press and hold the Power button and slide the Power to off on the screen. Once the device is switched off, hold the Power button for it to restart. Making sure the latest version of the software has been installed. If there are updates or patches available, they should be downloaded and installed. Updating all apps to the latest versions should be done (Open the Apple store > tap UPDATES & update all apps) If, Safari is specifically crashing, Clearing the browsing history should fix the issue (SETTINGS > SAFARI > tap CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATA then CLEAR HISTORY AND DATA)

iPad not syncing

If the I-pad is not syncing Try this step (SETTINGS > GENERAL > I-pad STORAGE) and check you are not out of space. If the device’s memory if full, you may need to delete some apps that aren’t used that often. Making sure the downloading of the latest patch is not paused (the icon will appear in a lighter share). Making sure the restrictions aren’t “ON” (SETTINGS > GENERAL > REESTRICTIONS) to ensure you are able to download the latest updates on the icons.

iPad is charging but very slowly

Three hours is the average time for the battery to be charged fully. A few steps can be taken to improve this

  • Making sure I-pad is updated to the latest available software
  • Making sure there is no external damage (dust blocking ports)
  • Making sure you are not suing the I-pad while charging
  • Making sure the I-pad is not placed on any surface is extreme in temperature

iPad is stuck in Loops/Boot-Loops

You may find that I-pad suddenly shuts off & restarts on its own and keeps on repeating the steps. This is usually caused by the bug in the last application that you were on. The latest issue was witnessed in June 2020 when I-padOS caused I-pads to boot-loop. Apple usually releases a patch fix to sort these issues A restart of the device should fix the issue. Getting in the “Recovery Mode” – This can help to prevent boot-loops & allows you to use the I-pad without crashing. Apple has a full guide to help you navigate the issue


The above article is only a guide to a DIY style of fixing the issues and self- repair. We are a dedicated team engaged in providing quality, prompt solutions remotely or on premise as the situation. Sometimes a repair from an expert can eliminate the huge cost of replacement

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